Grand tour of the Tenere desert Aïr/Ténéré Tour by arbre du Ténéré Aïr-Adrar Chiriet Trek trough Aïr by foot or camelback
Aïr/Ténéré in seven days Aïr mountains Camelback in Aïr 12/14 days River Niger in dugout canoe, Tapoa Park

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Aïr Adrar-Chiriet


Agadez - Arlit road- Goûgaram - Iférouane - Tezirzek well- Adrar Chiriet - Tchou-m-Adegdeg - kori Tezirzek - Iférouane - Goûgaram - Agadez

PRICE for the four-day tour from Agadez for a party of
2 = 1065 Euros (7.000 FF) per person
3 = 730 Euros (4.800 FF)
4 = 555 Euros (3.650 FF)
5 = 455 Euros (3.000 FF)
6 = 395 Euros (2.600 FF)
7 or more = 350 Euros (2.300 FF) per person

Prices include:
* 4WD vehicles and fuel
* drivers, guide and cook
* full board, cookware, tableware and one foam mattress per person
* local taxes and route approval (required for desert travel)

Prices do not include:
* drinks and personal expenses
* plane tickets and airport taxes
* food and lodging in Agadez
* travel insurance (trip cancellation, lost luggage, emergency return for health reasons)

NOTE: these prices apply to the 2001/2002 season, save for an abnormal rise in local price